Professional and sticks to the facts

Sami Einola , 18 Sep 2019

Having previously received a disappointing valuation of our house, we were sceptical that a new real estate agent in the area would be able to provide any better valuation of our home. However, we were positively surprised that the Harris Iverson’s valuation was much closer to the value that we had originally estimated ourselves and decided to give it a go. It was the best decision of our life.

Engaging Harris Iverson was a breeze. Trent was able to visit our house whenever we weren't available and Trent was able to manage all the practicalities such as photographing, advertising, open house scheduling, marketing material, etc on our behalf.

As an agent, Trent was professional and he was able to stick to the facts - which is not always the case in the real estate industry. During our campaign, we used the more traditional marketing channels but also trialled more innovative and modern ways to target the sale message exactly to the potential buyers using online tools, socioeconomic population data and social media. We found this as one of the key factors that made our home a successful sale.

We cannot recommend Harris Iverson highly enough. The friendly modern approach is something that the valley needs and Trent has the courage to deliver out of the ordinary in truly remarkable manner. We are glad that we chose Trent as our real estate agent in Wisemans Ferry Forgotten Valley.